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Limes & T-Shirts

What a week! Tuesday… sucked. I was dubbed the “Worst Intern Ever” when I just didn’t show up to work. I drove into the city to first drop off all the beverages (sodes, juices, etc) at Hammerstein for Friday’s event. Apparently, leaving my hazard lights while my car was illegally standing next to a bus … Continue reading

“The Calm and The Storm”- My first 48 hours with Pulse Creative

Hello, My name is Teddy. I don’t know how it happened, but this NYU dropout (I’m on hiatus) scored an internship at Pulse Creative. I walked into their midtown office yesterday morning. I’ve been here before many times but never that early; The office was dark, quiet, and awkwardly calm. I was greeted by Adrienne, … Continue reading

Come Help Us Crash Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Bday Bash!!!

For those that haven’t heard yet, we’ve been busy putting together a big event towards the end of this month for our client and dear friend Maksim Chmerkovskiy. If you’re a fan of him or even Dancing With the Stars, then you definitely don’t want to miss this one. Even if you just enjoy dance … Continue reading


There’s really only one other thing we know how to do well here besides design… and that’s PARTY!!! (Well, we’ve got many talents here, but this definitely ranks up). Every year, the Alvarez family puts together an end-of-year celebration that gets all of their family and friends together. Yes, this includes our clients as well. … Continue reading

My First Days With Pulse Creative

  “Find out what I have to do to become an astronaut.”   That was the first thing ever told to me at Pulse Creative. Before joining Pulse Creative however, I did a brief stint at a relationship/celeb blog. As a creative writing major from Central Florida, I was thrilled to get an internship at … Continue reading

Sunday: DWM-Day

As all of the paparazzi and news stories hit, the Pulse Creative team takes a deep breath, gives some high-fives, pats on the back and some of us needed a full day of the boss’s personal recuperation medicine (aka a day at the spa). It was an amazing event due to the grand visions of … Continue reading

A Closer Look: Mid-Sentence Stills

Over the past few days, we’ve been diligently working on our “About Us” reel (among many other things). While I’ve been going through all of the video dialogue, I’ve noticed that I would always leave one of my colleagues in some awkward-looking pause – maybe mid-sneeze, a yawn, face twitches, over-expressive facial expressions/hand motion. I … Continue reading

Spreading Holiday Love, the Pulse Creative Way!!!

What do pop tarts, gatorade, condoms, crackers & cheese and a toothbrush have in common?…HOLIDAY GIFTS!!! DUHH!!! As we sit in this office (which nowadays looks more like a distribution center) prepping our gifts to go out the door, it just amazes me on how much we love our clients and vendors. We thought tirelessly … Continue reading

Right Coast, Left Coast…and repeat….

As Labor Day approaches, the team took a look back at what we did this summer only to question ourselves: Did we really have a summer? It just came and went. It also seems like we’ve spent more time in transit than at our desks. LA, NYC, LA, NYC…We’re starting to see a routine here. … Continue reading