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Good Books “Metamorphosis” Production Studio, Buck,was recently approached by Good Books, an online book seller that passes all profits to Oxfam, to produce a promotional video that used Frank Kafka’s Metamorphosis as the theme. Using great illustration, elegant transitions from one scene to another and probably some really good drugs, Buck creates a stunning story … Continue reading


The Low Line Project With the High Line project nearing the final phase of completion, New York-based firm, Ramsey Architecture and Design, presents an idea for an underground park in the Lower East Side around Delancey St called the Low Line or Delancey Underground. Like the High Line, they’ve proposed to take an abandoned trolley … Continue reading

10 things you don’t know about Pulse Creative

1. We have a dodgeball team called “The Asiancy” 2. We don’t have enough chairs 3. Lunch time means SportsCenter & Golden Tee 4. Water is more valuable than oil 5. We’ve been in the process of moving for two years (it’s about the journey, not the destination) 6. Our “BigServer” isn’t really that big/has … Continue reading

A Closer Look: Mid-Sentence Stills

Over the past few days, we’ve been diligently working on our “About Us” reel (among many other things). While I’ve been going through all of the video dialogue, I’ve noticed that I would always leave one of my colleagues in some awkward-looking pause – maybe mid-sneeze, a yawn, face twitches, over-expressive facial expressions/hand motion. I … Continue reading

Spreading Holiday Love, the Pulse Creative Way!!!

What do pop tarts, gatorade, condoms, crackers & cheese and a toothbrush have in common?…HOLIDAY GIFTS!!! DUHH!!! As we sit in this office (which nowadays looks more like a distribution center) prepping our gifts to go out the door, it just amazes me on how much we love our clients and vendors. We thought tirelessly … Continue reading


A team effort… Way to go and congratulations to August Silk for making it into Oprah’s Magazine. August Silk has come a long way since it began in 1991.  In 2006 Pulse Creative took on marketing responsibilities for August Silk and since then we helped raise awareness towards the August Silk brand by doing what we do best. This … Continue reading


Pulse has been the marketing partner to August Silk, a national women’s apparel brand, since 2006.  But this year has been busier  than most for the Pulse & August Silk team! In April 2010, August Silk finally launched its first e-commerce site. The Pulse Creative team helped spearhead the initiative by managing the content of the site, … Continue reading

We’re Back!

Yup. It’s been a while since we’ve posted on this blog and we have to apologize. We’ve been putting our noses to the grindstone and concepting our a$$es off!!! In the next few weeks, you’ll see us unveiling our new look little by little. In addition, you’ll meet some new personalities we’ve picked up on … Continue reading