Another win in the books…

With springtime fast approaching, Home Depot has found itself in need of some of its own home improvement. With Home Depot undergoing a media review, Carat called upon the services of Pulse Creative to help put together a pitch that would aid in communicating what they could provide to the largest home improvement retailer in … Continue reading

A Closer Look: Mid-Sentence Stills

Over the past few days, we’ve been diligently working on our “About Us” reel (among many other things). While I’ve been going through all of the video dialogue, I’ve noticed that I would always leave one of my colleagues in some awkward-looking pause – maybe mid-sneeze, a yawn, face twitches, over-expressive facial expressions/hand motion. I … Continue reading

We’re Looking for a Few Good Men (Web Developer/Designer to be exact – Male or Female)

Pulse Creative is currently searching for a FREELANCE WEB DEVELOPER/DESIGNER who wants to expand their knowledge of the web design world, are ENTREPRENEURIAL in spirit, can handle multi-tasking, are RESPONSIBLE, work EFFICIENTLY, communicate EFFECTIVELY, and EXPLORE NEW HORIZONS IN THE INTERACTIVE WORLD. Above all, we want an individual who loves what they do and has fun … Continue reading