My first week at Pulse and in NYC

I’ve lived half of my life in California and the latter half in Florida, but like millions of other people, I longed to travel to the cultural capital of the world: New York City. After almost giving up on finding an awesome (emphasis on “awesome”) summer advertising/marketing internship, one finally landed in my lap.  Before … Continue reading

Limes & T-Shirts

What a week! Tuesday… sucked. I was dubbed the “Worst Intern Ever” when I just didn’t show up to work. I drove into the city to first drop off all the beverages (sodes, juices, etc) at Hammerstein for Friday’s event. Apparently, leaving my hazard lights while my car was illegally standing next to a bus … Continue reading

My First Days With Pulse Creative

  “Find out what I have to do to become an astronaut.”   That was the first thing ever told to me at Pulse Creative. Before joining Pulse Creative however, I did a brief stint at a relationship/celeb blog. As a creative writing major from Central Florida, I was thrilled to get an internship at … Continue reading