In spirit of the largest lottery ever, I decided to ask around the office what would everyone’s first moves with the $640 million would be. Mikey “I’d pay off my debt, and buy a brownstone in the Upper East or Upper West Side. I’d open a bar that had video games in it…No I wouldn’t. … Continue reading

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge

I’ve been waiting for last Thursday since the first week I started working at Pulse, as it was the opening game of the 2012 ZogSports Dodgeball league. ZogSportsĀ operates a co-ed social sports league thatĀ promotes social action. Registered teams get to select a charity to play for at the beginning of a season, and when a … Continue reading


The Low Line Project With the High Line project nearing the final phase of completion, New York-based firm, Ramsey Architecture and Design, presents an idea for an underground park in the Lower East Side around Delancey St called the Low Line or Delancey Underground. Like the High Line, they’ve proposed to take an abandoned trolley … Continue reading