In spirit of the largest lottery ever, I decided to ask around the office what would everyone’s first moves with the $640 million would be.

Mikey “I’d pay off my debt, and buy a brownstone in the Upper East or Upper West Side. I’d open a bar that had video games in it…No I wouldn’t. I’d spend a million dollars on whatever as fast as I could.”

Phil “I’d buy a building in the Lower East Side, and make it 100% self-sustainable, energy-efficient, post-apocalyptic safe haven.”

JT “A condo with views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges or overlooking Central Park…A lot of what I’m thinking is for saving…I got twins on the way.”

Sal “I’d buy that $1000 dessert with the gold leaf, find the next up and coming area in New York, buy property, and wait for it to be worth three times what I won.”

Alex “I’d move to Fiji” [have you ever been there?] “No, that’s why I wanna move there.”

Sonja “I’d travel the world for a year and buy a penthouse apartment somewhere in NYC.”

Allison “I’d buy my house and I’d buy a huge plot of land, and rescue animals.”

Mel “I’d buy a villa…NO, I’d buy George Clooney.”

Juice “I do wanna buy a Maserati and I’d start a college fund for my kids…I’m old, man.”

Dhare “I’d buy a badass meatpacking loft, and then get plastic surgery and change my name.”

Mon “I’d buy a nightclub in New York City, and probably live a life of mayhem.”

As for me? I’d go to space, and buy a square block of NYC and build a regular suburban house with a lawn.

Good luck ::)


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