A Closer Look: Mid-Sentence Stills

Over the past few days, we’ve been diligently working on our “About Us” reel (among many other things). While I’ve been going through all of the video dialogue, I’ve noticed that I would always leave one of my colleagues in some awkward-looking pause – maybe mid-sneeze, a yawn, face twitches, over-expressive facial expressions/hand motion. I would let out this really obnoxiously loud laugh whenever I came back to my desk from getting pulled onto another project. Then I saw myself…and my reaction was more like…”WTF???!!!! What the hell could I have been saying or doing to make such a repulsive facial expression?” And so after I started playing around with the video and pulling it slowly forward and backward, I started realizing that video really does amplify you 10 fold – in all aspects and not just weight (I’m new to this video thing for all you experts out there). So then I started thinking – maybe we can just do our “About Us” reel with just stills of our mid-sentence awkwardness. It kind of gives the audience a more intimate look at who we are, right? And after further thought, I’ve now realized that my idea will probably be shot down. For now, I relegate this idea to a blog post (and maybe a Facebook photo album). So here it is…some Pulse Creative team members in their most vulnerable positions – the mid-sentence pause.


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