My first week at Pulse Creative

Today I have completed my first official week at Pulse Creative and survived. From the moment I was hired till the day I actually started I was filled with tons of excitement, positive vibes and nervousness all At the Same Dang Time. (music reference) REWIND: As some of you may or may not know but … Continue reading

My first week at Pulse and in NYC

I’ve lived half of my life in California and the latter half in Florida, but like millions of other people, I longed to travel to the cultural capital of the world: New York City. After almost giving up on finding an awesome (emphasis on “awesome”) summer advertising/marketing internship, one finally landed in my lap.  Before … Continue reading

The Unification of Cultures

Our good friends at the Cotchery Foundation,  Jerricho Cotchery (WR for the Pittsburgh Steelers) and his wife Mercedes, recently reached out to us to collaborate on a little project they felt was very much needed in today’s society. With the events that took place in Florida this past February involving Trayvon Martin, Jerricho and Mercedes … Continue reading

Outside of the Box

One of the biggest misconceptions in my industry is the following thought: “Get in where you fit in.” I don’t fit in. I don’t make sense. I’m a walking contradiction. I’m a rebel without a cause in the corporate world. I’m a radical kind of working mom. I’m not even as cool as some of … Continue reading

Overheard at Pulse Creative

If I’ve learned one thing  from my time on the set of DWTS (Yes, I’ve learned more than one thing, but you’ll just have to deal with that cliche opening and this unnecessary explanation because it’s Monday) it’s that the cameras are always rolling; This is where production gets all those funny candid bloopers from. All throughout … Continue reading


Good Books “Metamorphosis” Production Studio, Buck,was recently approached by Good Books, an online book seller that passes all profits to Oxfam, to produce a promotional video that used Frank Kafka’s Metamorphosis as the theme. Using great illustration, elegant transitions from one scene to another and probably some really good drugs, Buck creates a stunning story … Continue reading

Friday the 13th = Business Fridays Here at Pulse

The last time I got dressed up for work was when I interviewed for a position here. That was almost 6 years ago. Today, we dusted off our suits and did the opposite of casual Fridays. Enjoy!

The Things She Carries

“Balls are to men, what purses are to women.”- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City I mean if Carrie says it, it must be true, right? Women love handbags. I’m sure some fashion obsessed pseudo intellectual who minored in psychology could write a great blog post about how the kind of bag a woman wears reveals … Continue reading


In spirit of the largest lottery ever, I decided to ask around the office what would everyone’s first moves with the $640 million would be. Mikey “I’d pay off my debt, and buy a brownstone in the Upper East or Upper West Side. I’d open a bar that had video games in it…No I wouldn’t. … Continue reading

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge

I’ve been waiting for last Thursday since the first week I started working at Pulse, as it was the opening game of the 2012 ZogSports Dodgeball league. ZogSports operates a co-ed social sports league that promotes social action. Registered teams get to select a charity to play for at the beginning of a season, and when a … Continue reading