NYC Survival Kit

NYC survived Hurricane Sandy, the Mayans end of the world predictions and 2012. Another year and new beginnings are ahead.  So, we wanted to make sure all of our clients are well equipped with our traditional Survival Kits custom created with love by the Pulse Team.

Survival Kits are a tradition at Pulse Creative.  We’ve created hangover survival kits and office survival kits in the past. This year, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy affected each and everyone of our team, whether it was being stuck at home, losing power for days, weeks or much more serious situations. So for 2012/2013, the content of our annual holiday gift was a NYC survival kit are inspired by the survival stories of the Pulse Team. If this kit does not help you with the next Apocalypse we don’t know what will!!

We also included a NYC Survival Guide which has tips based on the “Pulse Way”. Take a look and decide which one is your favorite!!NYCsurvival

What you will find in the NYC Survival Kit is based on the following 4 categories:




One Response to “NYC Survival Kit”
  1. Spencer says:

    Excellent information here in regards to a NYC survival kit. I think if everyone regularly took an audit of their own emergency preparedness by using guides like this, we could all be much better prepared should another disaster occur. Thanks for sharing.

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