Overheard at Pulse Creative

If I’ve learned one thing  from my time on the set of DWTS (Yes, I’ve learned more than one thing, but you’ll just have to deal with that cliche opening and this unnecessary explanation because it’s Monday) it’s that the cameras are always rolling; This is where production gets all those funny candid bloopers from. All throughout last month, I’ve been filtering through all the incredible funny/random/WTF?! things I hear on a regular basis at this office to put together a collection that epitomizes Pulse while not (legally) jeopardizing our “integrity.” Enjoy.

“Oh my God. . . I shouldn’t use my name in vain like that”  – Hahaha!

“I want someone who looks like he’s going to beat me up.” – On her “type”

“I’m an investment banker, I’m just playing with Photoshop today” – On why he’s wearing a suit for Business Fridays

“Cosmetic dentistry… you think they make grills?” – On the dentist office next to us

“I think my dog ate mushrooms once… he was never the same after that.”  – Wha?!

“The only reason I got married is because of the tax benefits”  – The Creative Sensei on why he got married

“Tell your sister to stop calling me.” – Multimedia Doughboy (A$$HOLE) on my sister always calling the office phone

“I have so much testosterone right now, I wanna punch a dog, wrestle a bear, fight a lion…..I wanna put Donald Trump in a headlock” – Can we actually make this happen?

“I wanna eat something eccentric and rare like a baby…deep fried baby” – Really?! Are you that hungry?!

[sneeze] yes. [sneeze] YES. [sneeze] YES!! [sneeze] YESSSSS!!!!! It’s like cumming!!! – Wow.

“What’s wrong with Austria?” “It’s boring” “Its boring cuz you make it boring. If I go to Austria I’ma have a good #&%$ing time.” – Showing no respect for our intern from Austria

She’s my 401k plan. – Multimedia Doughboy on his current girlfriend

“It’s not going to fit…..when it gets bigger” – In reference to working with a… Photoshop file


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