Did The Holidays Really Just Pass Us?!

Wow! Just logged into our WordPress account and noticed that the last post was back in June! Man have we been slacking!

Is it really the holidays already?! Well I guess we have to give you a quick recap of what we’ve been doing.

Client meetings. Web projects. Eating. Design projects.  Show/Event production. Recipe development. Drinking. Heavy Drinking. New business pitches. Videoshoots. Photoshoots. Video editing. Crying. Laughing. Yelling at each other. Hugging each other. Apologizing to each other. Bathroom breaks…There, I think we’re caught up now.

And now back to where we’re at – the holidays. As usual, this place is a pig sty / warehouse as we put together our holiday gifts to give appreciation to everyone we’ve worked with. This year, we decided to put together a Office Survival Kit. This included tshirts, snacks, notepads, excuse coupons and much more. If you weren’t lucky enough to get one, hit us up and we might be nice enough to send one out to you 🙂

Tees with one of our office mottos…

Our idea pad…

Excuse coupons for when your tardy…

Can’t forget the alcohol…

Definitely running out of room…


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