I’m starting to miss my wife. Seriously. I normally don’t because I used to see her EVERYDAY (Dear Wife – if you’re reading this, please don’t take it the wrong way). Nowadays, more of my time is spent with the Pulse crew than with anyone else in my life (and that’s including myself). Printouts of previous drafts & file versions, papers with scribbled notes/drawings, half-erased dry-erase boards, empty pizza boxes, food containers with half-eaten chicken teriyaki sitting out where flies congregate……our office is a MESS! Even the boss lady has decided to join us out here in the war room – or as we like to refer to it – the Fun Zone. Here, she’s been relegated to retouching duties. She’s even developed a work style where she lies sideways on a chair that’s meant to be sat in upright while focusing intensely on making men and women look like what they really don’t look like. Her office is now a mini-photo studio. Our intern has taken over the other big office room in this place. Yes…you read that right. The intern has his own office. We’ve even been playing dumb-dumb games like seeing who can last the longest with a single song playing on repeat over and over and over and over and over and over again, in order to break up the work hours. The San Diego Chargers theme song followed up with the Bed Intruder song is not what you would call “fun.” But anything will do when you work long hours that span into the early morning.

Whatever logic-altering, backwards-a$$ events happen here, we know the fruits of our labor will always be seen. Especially when you have the “work hard, play harder” attitude. To that end, here’s a link to some visuals of what we’ve been doing lately. Enjoy.



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