Lulu Dahl Photoshoot

Pulse Creative was hired by Lulu Dahl to produce a photoshoot for her upcoming debut album. Our team managed everything from concept, direction, photography, production and styling, along with development of and behind-the-scenes and b-roll photos and video.

On location in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Lulu Dahl spent the day ‘dahling’ up in everything from art deco through the 21st century inspired looks. A full day with 12 looks, Lulu Dahl worked the camera to capture her musical essence. She is sure to become a fresh new face in the music industry combining soulful style with sultry sounds. To check out some music by Lulu Dahl go to

Live from somewhere…

Touch ups
“Hairstylist & Makeup artist Jasmine works with Lulu to create the right look for each shot.”

In the woods
“Lulu adds a bit of mystique with a unique look with every shot.”

Wind effects
“The entire production team work together, led by Chris, Lee and Monica.”

The entrance
“Lulu gets fancy with a "Jackie O" look and pose.”


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